The Best Cars To Buy in 2021 with Progressive Insurance

From sports cars and family SUVs to hybrids and pickup trucks, 2021 is a big year for automobiles. The new decade is starting off with a bang with lots of competitive new cars in just about every segment. To help you with your car shopping, we’ve carefully compiled a list of the 10 best new cars for 2021 with low Progressive insurance rates to please just about everyone. See below.

1. Mazda6

The 2021 Mazda 6 isn't just the prettiest family sedan, it's also more enjoyable to drive and ride in than most of its peers. While the Mazda isn't as flawless as the Honda Accord or as fresh as the Hyundai Sonata, it definitely delivers a more expensive-feeling experience than either of those top-flight alternatives. Neither its 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine or the more potent turbo version are particularly compelling, and there's currently no eco-friendly hybrid model, but the 6 drives with a mix of athleticism and refinement that broadens its appeal. We wish Mazda would make the car's fanciest features available across the board, but even the lower end of the lineup has a host of standard driver assists and popular technology. Although the 2021 Mazda 6 isn't perfect, it's one of the classiest entries in this class of family-oriented four-doors.

2. Volkswagen Jetta GLI

The 2021 Volkswagen Jetta GLI has the same amazing driving attributes that make the Golf GTI a smash hit. Although the hatchback has a nicer interior, it's actually the sedan that's more practical, thanks to its roomier back seat and bigger trunk. Both VW's boast a potent 228-hp turbocharged four-cylinder that mates to either an engaging manual transmission or a quicker-shifting automatic. The sedan's aesthetic is more sedated than its hot-hatch sibling, but at least it sells at a discounted price, as the GLI costs thousands less than the GTI. Still, these two Vee-Dubs are equally entertaining whether they're looping racetracks or racing down back roads—which made it an easy choice for our 2021 10Best list. Simply put, the 2021 Jetta GLI is compact-sedan greatness.

3. Honda Accord

In the shrinking segment of family sedans there are still some great cars to choose from, but one stands above the rest for its impeccable driving dynamics, practical interior, and value: the 2021 Honda Accord. So impressed are we with the Accord that it's become a nearly permanent fixture on our annual 10Best list and it finds itself there again for 2021. Buyers can choose from two turbocharged four-cylinder powertrains; there's also a fuel-sipping hybrid model available. No matter what engine powers the Accord, its handling is effortlessly balanced, which makes navigating twisty roads a joy and long highway journeys a pleasure. The Accord boasts a spacious trunk that will make grocery runs a snap and a back seat is commodious enough for two adults for long road trips. The roomy interior also easily accommodates multiple child seats for growing families.

4. Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai is becoming increasingly known for daring designs, and the company's compact sedan, the 2021 Elantra, is the latest to receive a bold new look. The new Elantra sports angular exterior details and an upscale cabin, both of which are intended to pull focus away from the segment's heavy hitters—namely the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, and Nissan Sentra. The standard powertrain is a 147-hp four-cylinder but Hyundai also offers a 201-hp turbocharged N Line model and an available hybrid powertrain. A host of driver-assistance features are standard, with even more advanced tech offered as options.

5. Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Distilling a luxury brand's ethos down to a small and affordable entry-level sedan is a tough task wrought with compromise, but the 2021 Mercedes-Benz A-class delivers a sophistication similar to its more expensive stablemates. Mercedes equips all A-class models with a host of luxury amenities and offers even more as optional extras. A turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is standard and delivers adequate power but easily fades into the background for quiet highway cruising. Tech features abound as well, including a version of Mercedes's dual-screen infotainment/digital gauge display setup with the MBUX infotainment interface. Going up against other compact luxury sedans such as the Cadillac CT4 and the BMW 2-series Gran Coupe puts an even finer point on the Mercedes's luxury experience.

6. Tesla Model 3

Among the more affordable options in the electric-vehicle marketplace, the 2021 Tesla Model 3 is without doubt the one with the most name recognition. It borrows some styling cues from the company's Model S sedan and Model X SUV, but goes its own way with a unique interior design and an all-glass roof. Acceleration is quick, and the Model 3's chassis is playful as well—especially the Performance model's, which receives a sportier suspension and a track driving mode. But EV buyers are more likely interested in driving range than speediness or handling, and the Model 3 delivers there too. The base model offers up to 263 miles of driving range according to the EPA, and the more expensive Long Range model can go up to 353 per charge.

7. BMW 3-Series

The 2021 BMW 3-series epitomizes the modern sports sedan with its comprehensive performance and innate sophistication. The German brand offers two phenomenal engines for this model—a 255-hp four-cylinder and a 385-hp straight-six—both of which are as quick as they are refined. There's also a plug-in hybrid for the green crowd. While we're saddened by BMW's decision to eliminate the 3's manual transmission, the perceptive eight-speed automatic is a worthy substitute. What's more, the 3's fantastic chassis can seamlessly shift from calm to frisky at a moment's notice. Unfortunately, its steering—although improved over the previous generation's—still lacks the tactility that enthusiasts once idolized. The 2021 3-series fulfills its mission as an entry-level premium sedan with ample cabin and trunk space as well as copious amounts of luxury and technology.

8. Genesis G70

Like its corporate cousin, the Kia Stinger, the 2021 Genesis G70 aims for luxury sports sedan prowess with an unbeatable price tag—and does it ever deliver. The G70 balances ride refinement and handling prowess in the way that makes the BMW 3-series and the Mercedes-Benz C-class so desirable—but both of those cost thousands more to start. Inside, the G70's cabin offers a delightfully refined design and a host of standard convenience features. The rear seat passenger space isn't as spacious as some of its rivals' and its infotainment interface is in need of an update, but otherwise, it's difficult to find fault with what is an overall excellent package.

9. Kia K5

Even with the dwindling desirability of family sedans, Kia has crafted a compelling example with the all-new 2021 K5. Its daring design evokes sportiness and luxuriousness, and the sleek-looking four-door is a legitimate head-turner. The cabin is elegantly appointed and brimming with high-tech content, such as a digital gauge cluster and cool ambient lighting. While the K5 isn't particularly entertaining to drive, its powertrain and ride provide a refined experience. The 290-hp GT model comes with performance equipment that should give it a more entertaining attitude. A spacious back seat and generous trunk also make it a useful alternative to popular crossover SUVs, especially with its optional all-wheel-drive system. The death of the mid-size sedan may be imminent, but the 2021 K5 aims to be one of the best left.

10. Audi A6

Comfortable, spacious, and well-equipped, the 2021 Audi A6 checks the critical boxes for a mid-size luxury car. Its cabin is lined with quality materials and fit and finish ranks among the best the premium automobile marketplace has to offer. The A6 also woos tech-savvy buyers with a plethora of displays, cameras, driver-assistance features, and convenience items sprinkled throughout the interior. What's missing here is the crisp and tossable handling dynamics that shine so brightly in the smaller A4 sedan and its two-door A5 siblings. Buyers will choose from either a turbocharged four-cylinder engine (those models are denoted with a "45" badge) and a turbocharged V-6 (called "55"); both powertrains receive a boost from a hybrid system and come standard with all-wheel drive. The A6 is a handsomely styled—if somewhat bland—mid-size four-door that easily hangs with rivals such as the BMW 5-series and the Mercedes-Benz E-class, but is better suited for commuting duty than tackling twisty back roads.